— Created 2015-10-23 by Takaaki Naganoya
— 2015 Piyomaru Software
use AppleScript version "2.4"
use scripting additions
use framework "Foundation"
use framework "AppKit"

set runningApplications to (current application’s NSWorkspace’s sharedWorkspace()’s runningApplications()) as list

repeat with i in runningApplications
set aName to (i’s localizedName()) as text
set anIcon to (i’s icon())
set anBundleID to (i’s bundleIdentifier()) as text
set anBundleURL to (i’s bundleURL())
set tmpArch to (i’s executableArchitecture())
if tmpArch = 16777223 then
    set anArch to "X86_64"
  else if tmpArch = 7 then
    set anArch to "I386 "
    set anArch to "Another Arch (PPC? or Error)"
  end if
set anLaunchDate to (i’s launchDate())
set anFinishLaunch to (i’s isFinishedLaunching())
set aProcID to (i’s processIdentifier())
set anOwnMenubar to (i’s ownsMenuBar())
log {aName, tmpArch, anArch}
–> (* {"CCLibrary", -1, "Another Arch (PPC?)"} *)
end repeat

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